The Athena Anklet
The Athena Anklet The Athena Anklet The Athena Anklet The Athena Anklet The Athena Anklet

Athena Collection

The Athena Collection was inspired by our love for Southern Europe, in particular Greece and Italy. Having had travel taken away during the London lockdown, we spent Spring longing for its safe return, whilst reminiscing on our past adventures. We set out to design a capsule collection that we could launch as travel resumed, with a message embedded in the hero piece, the Goddess Athena coin, to keep the wearer safe on their journey, whether that be across town to a reopened office or when flying to see family and friends. 

The Athena Coin
The Athena Coin, designed in honour of the mythical Greek Goddess, Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and patron of arts and crafts. On the reverse, the Latin phrase VENI VIDI AMAVI is stamped, meaning ‘We came. We saw. We conquered.’ along with the Roman numerals for 2015, marking the year Atelier Romy was launched.
Wearing the Goddess coin should make you feel safe, empowered and protected, always.

 “The Greek Goddess Athena represents intelligence, power and craft, and I wanted to harness this formidable energy into a beautiful collection that is worn as your armour; a personal piece of protection, especially during these uncertain times.”
- Sabine Roemer, Founder and Creative Director.

Product Details
Material: 18 karat fine Yellow Gold Vermeil plated on Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 9 inches/ 23 cm long (length can be adjustable)
Weight: ~6,7 grams
Dimensions of the coin: 20 mm (with the bail it’s 30 mm)
Weight of the coin: ~4 grams