From a goldsmith’s workbench in London came the vision for a fine jewellery brand to be sold online, direct to consumer, in order to cut out the middleman and offer gold and silver pieces at more affordable prices than ever before.
Atelier Romy is underpinned by Sabine Roemer’s vision to develop beautiful pieces manufactured with world class craftsmanship. Created by women for women, Atelier Romy intends to transcend seamlessly across occasions and time zones whilst complementing the wearer’s individual style.
With over 20 years experience in the jewellery industry, the founders feel that consumers deserve a brand that focuses on transparency, integrity and education; breaking down the confusing and often misleading marketing messages that are widespread in the industry.
Atelier Romy comes to you from London’s Notting Hill, with love. A passion project to grow for many years to come.