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Elle Macpherson x Atelier Romy Goddess Coin

Designed by Atelier Romy, in collaboration with the iconic supermodel and goddess Elle Macpherson.

“I wanted to design a necklace that symbolizes and guides you to discover the strength within you. To trust your own divine goddess energy and connect with your highest self. Elle - with whom I shared a deep personal bond -  reminded and empowered me to unite with my feminine energy and find everything I need within myself”

- Sabine Roemer, Master Goldsmith & Founder of Atelier Romy.

The Vermeil 18 Karat Yellow Gold Elle Coin features a meditating woman sitting with closed eyes inside a lotus flower, a symbol and represntation of the ability to connect to your inner self and trust your divine feminine energy, freeing yourself from outside constraints. The Lotus Flower represents purity, resilience and strength as it rises through mud without any stains. The coin sits on an 18-inch turquoise necklace, a gemstone that has long been prized as a powerful talisman with healing properties.

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