Emerald Open Ring Black Rhodium


One of our best selling classic collectible rings, the Open Ring is the perfect addition to your ring stack. Intended to be stacked and styled, the Open Ring is designed to fit perfectly and snugly next to our signature Emerald Ring and is also well suited to sit beside your favourite Eternity Ring.


Product Description:
The Open Ring is produced in a heavy 2.8 mm solid Sterling Silver, Black Rhodium plated round profile with an opening. Available in one size (size M), the Open Ring is malleable and can be slightly adjusted up and down, to be worn on various ring sizes (size L to N).

Product Details
Material: Black Rhodium plated on
Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 2.8 mm (width)
Weight: ~3 grams

one size M only  available / EUR 52 but fits sizes L to N as slight malleable