Leopard Ring
Leopard Ring Leopard Ring Leopard Ring
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Heavy statement solid Sterling Silver ring, fine Yellow Gold plated.

Definition: A hallmark is an official mark or series of marks struck on items made of metal, to certify the content of noble metals. The Leopard is the hallmark of Sterling Silver in London. Hence Leopard 1300, our collection inspired by the Hallmark of London.

This ring is inspired by the hallmark of London, featuring the Atelier Romy logo on each side of the ring shank and the leopard head hallmark itself on the inside. This is the ultimate statement ring and can be worn either stand alone or with other Atelier Romy piece, but should definitely be worn with confidence! Hallmarked in the UK.
For an added luxury, we have made a leopard ring with diamonds in the the leopard’s eyes. You can find that version HERE.

Product Details
Material : 18 karat fine Yellow Gold Vermeil plated on Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 35 mm (length) x 19.5 mm (width) - including the leopard's head
Weight: ~26 grams

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